PayPark ScreenshotPayPark is a Web Application written in PHP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, developed in collaboration with my colleague Alvin Pastore.

With PayPark you can easily register your parkings in your city without the necessity to find and buy parking tickets or figuring out the duration of your stay. All you have to do is take your smartphone, register yourself on the PayPark website and start using the application right away, in just 1-click. When you’re done, just tell us and we’ll calculate the total amount of money to be paid.

This application has been developed as the project for the exam in Web Programming and got full marks. It is W3C valid and has been security-tested against most common attacks, such as SQL-injection and XSS.

I dealt with PHP, XHTML, CSS and jQuery, while my colleague took care of Javascript, user input validation and data management.

Plus, I designed the core algorithm to calculate the total amount of money based on the time parkings began and finished, taking into consideration upper and lower bounds of the day when fees were to be actually paid (8AM – 8PM).

Did you know? You can try the application here: Give it a shot!