Mill Parser

Mill Parser ScreenshotMill Parser is a top-down recursive parser for the programming language I designed, named “Mill”, a recursive acronim standing for “Mill is an International Language Language“, whose keywords come from all-over-the-world languages: my goal was, infact, that of building an international programming language which would eventually unify people from all countries under a single language to express their ideas.
It is easy to see that the philosophy behind Mill Parser is that of sharing and alliance but it is also clear it was developed just for fun as the author thinks programming has to be. :)

Here is an exaple of some keywords of Mill programming language as they are expressed in JavaCC:

// [...]
| < SWITCH: "commutateur" > // 'switch' in french
| < CASE: "cas" > // 'case' in france
| < DEFAULT: "standard"> // 'default' in dutch
| < IF: "als"> // 'if' in dutch
| < ELSE: "anders"> // 'else' in dutch
| < DO: "fai"> // 'do' in italian
| < WHILE: "mentre"> // 'while' in italian
| < FOR: "dia"> // 'for' in russian
// [...]