Aerial view of Lodi

Freefall was developed as the project for the exam “Designing Databases with Advanced Data Models” taught by professor Donato Malerba, using PostgreSQL 9.2, PostGIS and QGIS.

Freefall is a spatial Database for the electronic informative system of a fictitious mobile phone network operator operating in the province of Lodi, Italy.

If you’re running your private mobile phone operator, then Freefall will push your business to the next level: it will let you add your customers and contracts, your price plans, promotions and much more, while automatically managing the total cost of operations (calls and messages) performed and bills emission.

And there’s even more: we have built some cool functions to let you visualize all the operations performed by a given customer on a given day, all the cities where the majority of operations have been performed and so on. All you have to do is simply connecting QGIS to your PostgreSQL Database, invoking the function you’re interested in by uncommenting and personalizing the proper line of code and finally adding the generated table or view to QGIS as a New PostGIS Layer.

You can download the Freefall documentation (complete with commented snippets of code) from here.

You can download the Freefall package (source file not included) from here.

You can follow the entire development process from here.