The fascinating mistery of the “Wow!” signal

I’ve always considered the “Wow!” signal one of the most exciting misteries of science of all time. I first came across the “Wow!” signal thanks to an article written by Paolo Attivissimo, who first… Continue reading

Facebook under the hood: 1.5GB which changed society

I recently came in contact with an article written on Ars Technica by Ryan Paul, which explains how does Facebook release its major and minor updates. You can find the full article here.… Continue reading

Google MapsGL: maps as never seen before.

Recently, Google has launched a new view mode in Maps. MapsGL lets you fly over the most known places of the world in a 45° perspective. The quality is very high as it… Continue reading

A Tweet by Michael Dell

Here’s a Tweet by Michael Dell, which says a lot about a startupper’s mentality: 28 years ago (May 3rd) with $1000, instead of studying for finals during my freshman year at the University… Continue reading