Introducing Freefall, my next project

It’s been a long time since my last post; time I’ve spent reading, studying, working, giving exams and – sometimes – relaxing. So why am I here again?

Reason is because one day in the future I’ll take the exam for the class “Designing Data Bases with Advanced Data Models“, taught by Prof. Donato Malerba, for which I have to develop a Database for the electronic informative system of a fictitious mobile phone network operator. I decided the project’s name to be Freefall (not “Freecall”, sorry..) in honour of Felix Baumgartner who, on Oct. 14th, 2012, made a leap into the void from 128,000+ ft. [See].

Freefall icon

The system will rely on PostgreSQL, a well-known open-source DataBase Management System (DBMS) which supports many extensions, among which is PostGIS. PostGIS is a project which adds support for geographic objects in PostgreSQL, allowing it to be used as a spatial database for geographic information systems (GIS).

This is because we’ll need geographical information to manage some functionalities of the DB, such as tracking user movements on a map and more.

I’ll post entries on this blog as work goes on, in order to document the entire development cycle of the system. Next steps will be:

  • Translating the requirements document in english
  • Organizing and processing user requirements (removing ambiguities, collecting requirements in a homogeneous manner, etc.).
  • Identify nouns (Entities) and verbs (Relationships)
  • Develop an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Diagram
  • Translate the Class Diagram into User Defined Types (UDTs) and tables
  • Design and add specific Active Rules (Triggers) to the DB in order to implement specific functionalities
  • Design and add specific queries to the DB in order to visualize information of interest

A complete documentation will be developed along the project and will be completely available on project completion.
All posts will be under the “Freefall” category, so that it will be easy for you to retrieve them all at once.

That’s all for now, please stay tuned! ;)