Let’s face a Facebook Programming Challenge together: finding the missing term in an arithmetic progression

Facebook Programming Challenges are a great way to challenge yourself in a demanding, timed programming task. FPCs usually last between 45-60 min. and ask you to solve a given problem, stated in the… Continue reading

How to hide a software update in the Mac App Store

I recently found myself restoring my iMac three times in the last month. No solution seemed to work: NVRAM/PRAM reset, permissions & disk repair from the Disk Utility, neither launched from the install… Continue reading

My new GitHub page is up and running

After many vicissitudes, I finally had the chance to organize and upload all of my code on GitHub.com. As of now, there are two repositories: projects, containing the projects I got involved into… Continue reading

Freefall: conceptual modeling and the Object-Relational Mapping Diagram (ORMD)

A long time has passed since my last post about Freefall, where I quickly explained the major steps I took for Requirements Analysis. Let me first say that the project is almost complete… Continue reading

Tribute to Carl Sagan

Please enjoy this wonderful short movie about one of the most contemporary brightest scientists’ enlightening vision about future and humankind. For more info about Carl Sagan, refer to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Sagan My parents were… Continue reading

Freefall: Requirements Analysis

Generally speaking, when all the requirements – or at least most of them – have been collected from stakeholders, next step is Requirements Analysis, when all the available requirements are processed in order to make… Continue reading

Freefall: translation of the Problem Specification Document from Italian to English

So, here is how the Freefall project actually begins: translating the Problem Specification Document I received from Italian to English. The goal of the project is to develop a Database for the electronic… Continue reading

Introducing Freefall, my next project

It’s been a long time since my last post; time I’ve spent reading, studying, working, giving exams and – sometimes – relaxing. So why am I here again? Reason is because one day… Continue reading

The fascinating mistery of the “Wow!” signal

I’ve always considered the “Wow!” signal one of the most exciting misteries of science of all time. I first came across the “Wow!” signal thanks to an article written by Paolo Attivissimo, who first… Continue reading

Facebook under the hood: 1.5GB which changed society

I recently came in contact with an article written on Ars Technica by Ryan Paul, which explains how does Facebook release its major and minor updates. You can find the full article here.… Continue reading